BLIX supports you in all phases of a wind and solar project cycle

BLIX supports you in all phases of a wind and solar project cycle

BLIX Consultancy is an independent consultancy company of wind and solar energy projects. We support you through the integration of knowledge and experience from all phases of the life cycle of a project. We achieve the lowest cost of energy and the highest return for shareholders at the lowest risk for clients in Europe, Asia and the US.

Would you like to become active or more successful in the wind and solar energy sector? BLIX has practical experience in projects, but also provides strategic advice for organisations in the renewable energy sector.

Strategic advice


Looking for a professional review of your wind or solar initiative?

A feasibility analysis of BLIX gives you a clear insight into the opportunities of your initiative for wind or solar energy. Based on this analysis you can decide whether or not to continue with developing your wind or solar energy project or investigate differences in conditions to get a better position. BLIX has all the expertise to define the feasibility of your initiative in an independent manner.

BLIX offers the following services

  • Conceptual feasibility study
  • Site selection
  • Initial yield calculation
  • Analysis technical & environmental barriers
  • Set up financial model & LCOE calculations
  • Project scoping


Are you looking for professional guidance for the development of your wind or solar project?

BLIX experts have hands-on experience in developing onshore and offshore wind farms and solar parks. Based on the optimal approach we take all necessary steps to come to a successful wind or solar energy project. We identify barriers and solve these as optimally as possible. Therefore we lower the risks and increase the value of your project, that’s BLIX.

BLIX offers the following services

  • Guide EIA procedure & permit process
  • Communications & increase local support
  • Optimal solutions for technical & environmental barriers
  • Noise and shadow flicker calculations
  • Wind farm design (civil and electrical)
  • Request SDE+ financing
  • Grid connection
  • Contracting soil‐, wave‐and wind investigations (offshore)


Would you like to contract a wind farm or solar park?

Every contract is 'custom‐made' and not the contract form is crucial, but the specific content. Creativity and experience make the difference. BLIX has that expertise. The result is a contract with the right requirements, guarantees, specifications and price, with a balance risk distribution. We have the experience with (EU) tender processes and contract forms such as FIDIC, UAV‐GC, Logic and  NEC3, but our people also work with own templates.

BLIX offers the following services

  • Contracting strategy & management
  • Set up tender documents and technical specifications
  • Contract negotiation
  • Package management
  • Management design & engineering
  • Set up QHSE plans


Do you have plans to invest in or looking for investors for a wind farm of a solar park?

Before you obtain financing for a wind or solar project you need an independent assessment of all contracts, permits, insurances and the financial model. BLIX provides contractual and technical due diligence for developers, financers or investors.

BLIX offers the following services

  • Technical & contractual due diligence
  • Advice on investment
  • Financial modelling
  • Power contracts (PPA) 
  • Set up financial contracts


Are you looking for an experienced construction manager or site supervisor of a wind farm or solar park?

BLIX guides the construction preparations, meetings, takes care of the interface management of contractors and performs site supervision and QHSE audits. For this BLIX has very experienced project and construction managers and site supervisors of onshore and offshore wind farms and solar parks in our team.

BLIX offers the following services

  • Construction management
  • Site supervision
  • HSE plans 
  • Quality management (QA/QC)
  • Take over inspections 
  • Claims management


Would you like an optimal reliability and availability of your wind farm or solar park?

The consultants of BLIX have years of experience in operating and maintaining wind turbines. Our technical, commercial and contractual expertise helps you to achieve the best performances of your wind farm in a safe manner.

BLIX offers the following services

  • Set up O&M strategy
  • Manage operations and maintenance
  • Take-over and end-of-warranty inspections of wind turbines
  • Contract & project management of large maintenance projects  
  • Decommissioning