Wind Farm Waalwijk Haven 8 Zuid

Permit consultancy and stakeholder management

BLIX supports the development of three to five wind turbines (approximately 9-15 MW) in the southern part of the Haven 8 industrial area in Waalwijk. Five Eneco wind turbines exist in the northern part of this industrial area and will be replaced by two larger wind turbines. The city council of Waalwijk wants to coordinate the placement of the new wind turbines in the southern part with the replacement plans in the northern part. Wishes of the existing industry and residents have to be taken into account based upon the principle of 'Sociaal Levende Wind', a method to distribute benefits and burdens fairly.

BLIX led the development of the project with the parties directly involved, took care of the research needed to get the required permits, calculated the different scenarios for north and south with in total 5 to 7 wind turbines, prepared the SDE+ application and co-wrote the city council proposal.

Parallel a stakeholder engagement process started to inform and involve companies and local residents. A permanent representative advisory committee of local residents was formed on the first information market, they guard a fair distribution of the benefits and burdens. 

The city councils of three municipalities and members of the representative advisory committee visited wind turbines in operation. So noise and shadow flicker could be experienced. A second information market provided 3D insights on the location of the wind turbines, the expected noise, shadow flicker and impact on the landscape. After this, the decision was up to the city council. Media, residents and companies are kept informed during the process through a web page, presentations and newsletter.

The city council decided to reconsider the location for wind turbine positions and to link it to a participation process based on the regional energy and climate strategy (REKS).

Animation source: municipality Waalwijk, webpage wind energy Waalwijk (dutch)
Animation Wind Farm Waalwijk Haven 8 Zuid

Animation Wind Farm Waalwijk Haven 8 Zuid