TenneT (TSO, The Netherlands)

Stakeholder engagement process - IJmuiden Ver 2 GW grid connection system

TenneT has designed a 2GW HVDC grid connection system for the IJmuiden Ver offshore wind area that will be commissioned from 2027-2030 according to the "Roadmap for offshore wind 2030". Through a platform and export cables, the generated electricity from the offshore wind farm(s) will be brought ashore for further distribution.

Given the interface with the offshore wind farms and the importance of certain design options on the windfarm scope, TenneT has set up a stakeholder engagement process. The developers are consulted about the grid design by means of position papers about the technical design choices, expert sessions and an online communication portal. 

Through an iterative process of feedback and revision of the position the process aims to reach positions supported by all parties.

As an independent party, BLIX has lead this consultation process through a project leader, day's chairman and communication manager.