Storm BV

Due diligences and take-over inspections

Since 2012 BLIX conducted technical due diligences on fourteen onshore wind farms for the Belgium project developer Storm (total 84 MW). Special attention was paid if during the development of the wind farms all the technical documentation was collected completely, thoroughly and correctly. In the analysis of different documents the design, licensing, construction, management and maintenance of the wind farms was examined. The results of the technical due diligences are an independent assessment and advice for a bank, Storm Holding BV and possible other potential financiers with the goal to acquire financing for the wind farms.

BLIX also performed take-over inspections on several wind farms a.o. Wachtebeke, Maasmechelen, Westerlo and Geel, including review of the final inspection list.

Jan Caerts, CEO of Storm: “BLIX is very precise. All aspects are included. That we do not find mistakes in contracts or technical specifications is due to the fact that they do their job painstakingly well and work hard. At BLIX, people have a lot of general experience in the field of wind energy but they also have specific expertise. So it is good to see that BLIX persists during a project.”

Hennie Veldhuizen voert een inspectie uit voor Storm

Hennie Veldhuizen voert een inspectie uit voor Storm