Solar Duck

BLIX supports the development of floating solar fields

In the Netherlands, the young and ambitious team of Solar Duck develops solar fields on lakes, near-shore and offshore. BLIX with its knowledge of solar projects and the marine environment supports with technical knowledge, financial analyses and resources.

Floating solar panels are efficient and are often considered to have a low effect on the landscape. Environmental impact can be mitigated if placed well. The solar panels can be placed and removed relatively quickly, which creates an opportunity in case of a temporary increase in power demand or a temporarily available location.

For example the ice sculpture festival in Zwolle generated its electricity from solar panels floating in the canal. In large rivers in South America, entire solar islands float to supply the local, often isolated, population. In time, offshore solar fields will be common, especially along the coastlines of large cities where sunlight is abundant and electricity demand is large.

Image: example of floating solar field in design phase