ING Sustainable Project Finance

Technical & contractual due diligence at Waardpolder of Energiek

Waardpolder wind farm was taken over in 2006 by developer Energiek. In 2017, a permit to replace the 19 NedWind wind turbines was applied for.

Plans for implementation were made in 2018 based on the final permit for 6 large wind turbines (3-5 MW). ING was approached for the financing of the project. 

BLIX took care of the technical & contractual due diligence at Waardpolder for ING Sustainable Project Finance on the basis of a red-orange-green flag analysis, including validation of the business case and analysis of the wind report.

Movie on revision windturbines Waardpolder >> dutch

When is a Due Diligence on a project needed?

A due diligence is an independent check necessary for either a prospective buyer of a project or financial institute. BLIX establishes whether the project has risks, mitigates risks and calculates its value. As technical advisor we assess all contracts, permits, insurances and budgets based upon the project planning, financial model and wind report.