"Thorough preparation pays off"

Customer testimonial: Rick Wasser, Director of E-Connection Project B.V.

On behalf of E-Connection BLIX works in the construction team of wind farm Bouwdokken. Hennie Veldhuizen is working as QHSE site supervisor and Gerke Hoekstra as HSE advisor. With their years of expertise they complete the team of E-Connection. Yesterday BLIX visited her colleagues and also spoke with Rick Wasser, director of E-Connection Project B.V., about the current status and the works of BLIX: “Hennie has good communicative skills and in this way he interacts well with many parties. Gerke complements him with his knowledge about HSE.”

Dykes, nature and flood control

The Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier in Zealand is a special location and as part of the Deltaworks it attracts many tourists. E-Connection put a lot of time and care into the design phase of the onshore wind farm Bouwdokken. Rick Wasser: “There were many aspects we needed to take into account, like the nearby barrier, the surrounding nature areas and the technical challenges of the drydock itself. The meetings with Rijkswaterstaat concerning the barrier, and with nature organisations concerning the surrounding areas were careful and this takes time. It did lead to solutions all parties agree on and it lead to permits. The storm surge barrier is a concentration location for wind energy and combines water flood control, wind energy, tourism and nature in a beautiful manner.

Strengthening the construction team

E-Connection was looking for support in the construction team and the knowledge and experience of Hennie Veldhuizen and Gerke Hoekstra was complementary. Rick Wasser: “Hennie has a broad role as site manager. He is a man with a broad and extensive track record of constructing and operating wind farms. And on top of that he has good communicative skills and interacts with many parties. Besides his experience with concrete work and installation, he also has knowledge of electrical works and that is an advantage. Gerke focusses more specifically on the HSE part and is involved more from a distance with occasional site visits and inspections of the HSE documentation.”

Operational in first quarter of 2018

After 10 years of preparation the project reached financial close and started construction at the 1st of September 2016. At this moment, the foundations are finished and the park cabling works between the turbines are in progress. The construction of the substation has started and hard work is being performed on the grid connection. The first kilowatt-hour is expected end 2017, but the wind farm will be operational in 2018.

Having 10 years of development is no exception says Rick Wasser: “We see projects that are being realised in 14 years, but also in 4. Although the latter is very fast. This project fits nicely in between. The most important part of the planning is that there is a professional project team and all different contractors work well together, and that’s going well.”