Setting up an O&M Organisation for offshore wind farm Rentel

Customer Testimonial: Nathalie Oosterlinck, Project Director of Rentel

At this moment the foundations are laid and infield cables are being placed for the offshore wind farm. Supervised by Nathalie Oosterlinck, project director of Rentel, a lot of work is being executed onshore and offshore in order to realise the Belgium offshore wind farm Rentel (309 MW). Otary is founded with the goal of developing offshore wind farms. Furthermore, Otary is (partly) owner of the wind farms Mermaid and Seastar, that recently came to an agreement for a subsidy of the Belgium Government. BLIX and Nathalie Oosterlinck, talk about setting up the O&M organisation of the wind farm and the role of BLIX in the project.

The team is working on all different aspects of a solid O&M organisation. Rein de Wolff, senior consultant at BLIX, has been working on the project as Interim O&M Manager. Nathalie Oosterlinck: “The focus in the last couple of months was to set up an O&M strategy and a clear approach. All tenders for various O&M contracts have been composed and these are being contracted at the moment. Rein works in close cooperation with the project team of Rentel."

Furthermore, other building blocks are being put in place. "Think about setting up an O&M organisation in the office in Oostende, the management of the construction and takeover of the wind farm and handover of operations to the O&M team", Nathalie Oosterlinck explains. 

"The approach for setting up an O&M organisation is completely different compared to the construction phase. The focus for the O&M phase is to optimally manage and operate your asset. You are setting up an organisation for the coming 20 years." Rein de Wolff add to that: “It is great to develop an optimal strategy for O&M together with the client and thereafter to structure all ideas and initiatives that are present in the team in order to come to a decent best practice O&M plan and organisation structure.”

The expectation is that all wind turbines, 7 MW each, will be operational end at the end of 2018. The total capacity of the wind farm is 309 MW. This provides electricity to 300.000 households. The power will be transported to shore via the offshore transformation station.