On top of the wave

Column by Albert van der Hem

Last month the Paris Climate Agreement of COP21 was signed in New York. Note that the USA and China are in the lead. Sometimes it snows in April.

Together we will ensure that the temperature of the atmosphere will not rise more than 2 degrees compared to pre industrial levels. Several coal companies saw the value of their company collapse in one instance and have gone bankrupt. ING no longer finances coal stations and coal mines. However, in April ING together with other partners including the Rabobank awarded the Russian stone coal company SUEK with a loan of 1,4 billion euro, with the argument that SUEK is refinancing an existing project. Despite this argument it led to great outrage from its clients. The Rockefellers are moving from oil and gas and choose for renewable energy. Shell is back and exploring wind energy, while not so long ago they left explaining to only want to be working with molecules.

Germany is making 1,2 billion euro available to subsidize electrical cars. The Dutch Lower House accepted a motion which calls out for the cabinet to strive that in 2025 only emissionless cars are allowed to be sold in the Netherlands. Minister Kamp expects that in 2025 15 percent of all new sold cars will be fully electrical. But, the technological development of the electrical car is such that I think this percentage will be much higher. If only because we all want a large battery in front of the door for our solar panels.\n\nSince her start in 2009, BLIX has been part of this energy transition and it is our goal to speed up this process. We achieve this by supporting our clients to develop and realize onshore and offshore wind projects. The projects we work on are growing in size. The cost price for electricity, especially of offshore wind, is becoming less and less. It all helps to create a sustainable society.

I told this story to someone and said that I had the feeling to be on top of the wave of energy transition. His down-to-earth response was that on top of the wave, you have to stay focussed on your balance and don't fall off. That's true, so therefore, we have to maintain our balance, stay tight on our surfboard, keep an eye on the coming wave and change course when necessary. Perhaps it will get even bigger. We feel confident.