NERO mandates BLIX to find co-investors

for a 1000 MW wind development in Romania

NERO, which stands for ‘Netherlands – Romania’, is developing three fully permitted wind farms in Romania with a total capacity of 1000 MW. These onshore wind farms will be directly connected to the national high voltage grid and are expected to inject circa 3 Terawatt hours (TWh) of renewable energy annually into the European grid as from 2020. 

Gauthier van Weddingen, CEO of NERO: "The NERO project is fully permitted, but capital is needed to bring the project to Financial Close. We are open to investors willing to bring in capital and develop the project with us. We are happy with the support of BLIX in structuring the project and finding co-investors." 

BLIX helped NERO to structure the project by creating a development plan, a financial model and an Information Memorandum. Subsequently, BLIX has been mandated to search for co-investors in the project and is in charge of executing the tender for the wind turbines.
Albert van der Hem, director of BLIX: "The potential of the NERO project is high. It has the size of an offshore wind project, but is much cheaper to realize. NERO is a great team to work for, and we are proud to be their consultant.”

Click here to read the press release of NERO.