Dutch consultancy company helps client win important offshore tender

Our colleague Ben de Sonneville interviewed by Wind Energy Magazine.

Canadian independent power producer Northland Power and its project partners Yushan Energy and Mitsui have recently won the second Taiwanese offshore wind tender. With support of the Netherlands-based BLIX Consultancy BV, which has played a critical role within Northland’s bid team by carrying out a number of roles, such as key positions in planning, risk, interface, pricing of the major balance of plant components and project integration support. “But, it’s all about teamwork”, says Ben de Sonneville, senior consultant at BLIX.

Northland Power, Yushan Energy (Taiwan), and Mitsui Trading Company (Japan) have been awarded a concession contract to develop two Taiwanese offshore wind projects with a combined capacity of 744 MW (232 MW as an extension to the Hai Long 2 project, and 512 MW for the Hai Long 3 offshore wind farm). The Hai Long 2 offshore wind farm is expected to be connected to the grid in 2025 to execute a 20-year power contract under Taiwan’s Feed-in tariff (FIT) program for renewable energy. “It is the first time we have supported a client in Asia, and I am happy to say we have been very successful. This a very good example of the way we like to work”, De Sonneville explains. “A customer usually provides a relatively small own core team, and then we complement it. We can provide a project & risk manager, package managers responsible for foundations, cables and the high-voltage station, and a project integration and interface manager responsible for project optimisation and estimating the development costs, and providing input to the financial model. Complementing a customer’s team where and when help is needed is one of our core competences. We do not develop projects ourselves, but are all seasoned development and project managers from origin and try to address and resolve any issue that a client may encounter during the process, and provide human support if necessary.”

Finding optimum
Large tender projects can be a relatively short sprint, as De Sonneville puts it. “Preparation time is often limited, and the amount of information may vary. In those cases, efficiency is ......

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