"Krammer is not a common wind project"

Customer testimonial Tijmen Keesmaat, director of Wind farm Krammer

BLIX is currently responsible for the contract and project management for the 100 MW wind farm Krammer. After receipt of a subsidy in August 2015 and a positive decision from the Council of State on 16 March this year, the wind farm will be contracted and the construction preparations have started. Tijmen Keesmaat, director of wind farm Krammer discusses contractual challenges, the special location and the role of BLIX in the project. Because this is not a common wind project.

Civil challenge

At the early start of the project BLIX was involved as advisor of the project team. Tijmen Keesmaat:"BLIX has been involved in this project since the start. At the moment Erik Houtepen is responsible for the design of the civil infrastructure and its procurement. And within this project this is the main challenge. We are very satisfied with Erik. He is a pleasant, serious and competent guy, who fits well into the team. And he is also from around here!"

EPC contracts are currently being negotiated with Enercon. Next, a due diligence will be performed and after that the project will go into the financing phase, which is always an exciting phase of the project.

Special location

Tijmen Keesmaat already mentioned the highly technical and logistic challenges of the civil part of the project. He further explains why: "First of all, the location is on narrow breakwaters. Secondly, we have to deal with a breeding ground for birds and a storm season. This leads to a limited time window for construction, which will be spread for over at least two seasons. It is quite a job to realise a wind farm within these conditions. Despite this it is a logical location due to the strong winds in the area.

Largest citizen's initiative

In 2019 it is expected that 34 wind turbines will be operational around the Krammer floodgate complex (Krammersluizencomplex) in Zealand. These turbines will provide renewable energy for at least 100.000 households. Wind farm Krammer is a citizen's initiative of 4.000 members of the cooperation's Zeeuwind and Deltawind. It is the largest citizens' initiative in the Netherlands.