“Borssele I&II was a pressure cooker”

Customer Testimonial: Bart Oberink, Project Director of Consortium Innogy and Macquarie

Gradually the wind sector is turning its focus towards the third Dutch offshore wind tender Hollandse Kust (zuid). But it was Borssele I&II, the first wind farm zone that was tendered by the Dutch government, which caused a stir. BLIX supported the international consortium that consisted of Innogy and Macquarie, to prepare the lowest possible bid price. Bart Oberink was project director of the team and together we briefly reflect on the project.

How do you look back at the project?

Bart Oberink says: “The tender phase of Borssele I&II was a true pressure cooker. A lot of work needed to be performed in a really short time frame. It is a huge task to prepare a well substantiated bid price. Besides the project needed to constantly align with all partners to approve and implement the optimisations. We offered a bid within the given framework, unfortunately not the winning one.”

How did BLIX contribute?

“A strong delegation of the BLIX team was involved in this project in roles such as wind turbine-, balance of plant and cables package managers. Their added value lies mostly in the field of senior project management. They are experienced and have a lot of offshore wind knowledge. There were many challenges in the project, such as the time pressure, complexity, optimisations and innovations which needed to be achieved in order to prepare an optimal bid price.

Innogy runs various international projects parallel in all phases of a project life cycle. Our expertise is mainly located in England and Germany. For each project, you align the request and availability of knowledge and experience and for Borssele I&II BLIX strengthened the consortium with their senior project management expertise.”

The bid price was unexpectedly low for Borssele I&II, for III&IV even lower. Did we reach the bottom price? 

“Eventually offshore wind needs to compete with other sources of energy in a market mechanism. Whether that will be a CO2 market, a capacity market or another kind of market, we don’t know yet. The LCOE (levelised cost of energy) should decrease, turbines can be bigger, maintenance can be smarter, foundations can be improved. There is not enough competition in the value chain yet and technology will further improve. Offshore wind has just stepped from the demo phase into the phase of large-scale application. There is enough work for all parties involved in offshore wind. And that offers opportunities for the sector.”  

And Innogy?

“Offshore wind is the core business of Innogy and we keep a close eye on all Dutch developments, but definitely also outside the Netherlands. You learn from projects like Borssele I&II and next time you will do even better.”