BLIX introduces new colleagues

The growth in expertise continues

Eric Weekamp has started at BLIX as consultant and project manager. He manages a Metocean Campaign for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and currently works for a German offshore wind developer in Hamburg. Boyd van der Plas has become an associate of BLIX. He is an experienced claim and contract manager with a clear vision on contract management. Could Eric and Boyd be of added value for your onshore or offshore wind project?

Eric Weekamp – Consultant

Offshore wind farm development

Eric Weekamp presently works as consultant and project manager at BLIX. He started his career at Innogy/Essent, as financial model lead & optimisation manager for the Borssele 1&2 bid team. Currently he is working for a German developer and for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, managing the Metocean Campaign for Hollandse Kust (zuid) wind farm zone.

Long term focus

Eric Weekamp:" In the early stages of my career I quickly noticed that I do not get energy from long political discussions with a short term focus, but that I want to contribute for the long term. My ambition is to expand my impact with growing experience and know-how with a long term focus. I am convinced that a sustainable energy future is required and that it can be made very attractive commercially as well. I am very eager to support this transition."​

Boyd van der Plas – Associate

Claim and contract manager

Boyd van der Plas has extensive project experience, mainly as a lead contract manager, developing and managing contracts, and as a lead claim manager, preparing and managing claims. He has also been active as project manager in the closing phase of projects to secure parties complete their work scope and not retire early. For him a contract is not a template but a tailor made comprehension of the responsibilities, rights and liabilities of parties working in a project to secure success of the project, both at big picture and detailed level.

Energy transition projects

Boyd van der Plas: “I wish to contribute to the energy transition on an entrepreneurial basis. As of October 2015, I have been working with BLIX in offshore wind projects and shared their enthusiasm and passion in getting things done better and fast. I am keen to expand my working with the BLIX team in energy transition projects, onshore or offshore.”