BLIX continues to grow

Enriched with a Project Manager and an Associated Contracts Manager

In the past two months BLIX welcomed two new colleagues. After 12 years at Shell Astrid Schilderman made the step into the renewable energy sector. She currently works as Senior Project Manager in the team of BLIX for several onshore wind projects. Our team of Associates expanded with the arrival of the experienced Contracts Manager Jaap Roos. At the moment he works, within a project team of BLIX, at the contracting for several onshore wind projects. BLIX is really happy with the ariival of these experts and has the ambition to further expand the team.

Astrid Schilderman - Senior Project Manager

The past 12 years Astrid earned her trails at Shell. She gained a lot of national and international experience in projects in the Netherlands and Iraq. She fulfilled roles of HSE Consultant, Process Engineer, Assistant Production Unit Manager, Project Engineer and Project Manager. The renewable energy sector got her focus and that’s why she decided to make the step to BLIX. Astrid started working as Project Manager for several onshore wind projects.

Her focus on deliverables, her analytics skills and her structured way of working Astrid moves straight towards her goal. She is known for her clear and well-thought communication. That’s why she is capable of connecting people and put the team achievement at first.

“Working together in a motivated and diverse team and contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition is what appeals to me. At BLIX I am in the right place.”

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Jaap Roos – Associate Contracts Manager

Jaap Roos has over 25 years of experience in contract management, of which more than 10 years in the wind industry. His experience lies not only in the tendering and contracting of the wind turbines but also at tendering and contracting of the civil-electric infrastructure. Jaap advises on the contract strategy, including the choice for certain standard contract forms such as FIDIC yellow or silver book, UAV 2012 or UAV GC and performs the contract management during the tendering and implementation phase.

Earlier this year Jaap was responsible on behalf of BLIX for the contract management of civil-electrical infrastructure for onshore Windpark Westfrisia. This project has reached Financial Close in May 2018. He is currently working within a project team of BLIX on the contracting of civil-electric infrastructure for several wind projects.

"I would like to work in a project team of professionals that driven and result-oriented. I have found this team at BLIX. I am sure that our fruitful cooperation will lead to even more successful sustainable energy projects for our clients."

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