Parag Shanbhag

Parag Shanbhag works as consultant and project manager at BLIX Consultancy BV. He is an offshore engineer with more than 10 years’ experience. He worked in several engineering and commercial roles at VBMS for the installation of cables for the Walney 2, London Array, Gwynt y Mor, Galloper, Dudgeon, and Westermost Rough offshore wind farms, as well as for the NEMO interconnector cable and the Belgian Offshore Grid.

Parag is an excellent coach. He has strong analytic skills, is able to learn fast and work well in teams. He has an understanding of the details but also able to see projects from a helicopter view.

"Years ago I came from Canada to the Netherlands motivated to contribute to lowering the cost of wind energy. At BLIX I can put my years of offshore experience in practice and increase my impact on the wind energy industry."