Erik Houtepen

Erik Houtepen is senior consultant and an experienced contract and project manager for engineering and constructing of wind farms and civil engineering projects. In 2015 Erik was project manager during the design, tender and construction phase of four wind farms of Raedthuys Pure Energie, mainly parallel. Since 2016 Erik is responsible for the contracting and construction of the civil and electrical infrastructure and foundations of the 100 MW wind farm Krammer on the Krammersluizen. He has overview and is a connecting factor within project teams and always has a keen eye for the personal interest of his team members, without losing sight of the  benefits to the project as a whole.

“I started my career as engineer and planner and trained myself in project management. I co-designed and built several wind farms, sivil projects like water treatment plants, coastal and shore protection works, cables and pipes. I have always worked with my two feet on the ground, I will continue doing that at BLIX and with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.”